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Building cultural bridges by books

The BaltArt Publishing House (BaltArt-Verlag) 

The BaltArt publishing house publishes German translations of literary works from the Baltic Sea region, books by German-speaking authors associated with this region and German-language literature in the languages of this region. There are two book series: The «Baltische Bibilothek im BaltArt-Verlag» and «Schweizer Literatur im BaltArt-Verlag».

Series «Baltic Library at BaltArt-Verlag»

The BaltArt-Verlag publishes in its series «Baltic Library» important literature from the Baltic Sea region in German translation as well as works on the Baltic States. 

So far books from the following countries have been published: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden.

Series «Swiss Literature in the BaltArt Publishing House»

With «Čia aš varatarius» the publisher has for the first time published a germanophone work in a Baltic language, namely Lithuanian. This is the Bernese German bestseller «Der Goalie bin ig» by Pedro Lenz from Langenthal. This is no coincidence: BaltArt-Verlag operates within the framework of BaltArt GmbH Switzerland, which is based in Langenthal BE.

With the title «Vārtsargs esmu est» the Latvian edition of «Goalie» was published in March 2017.

The BaltArt Publishing House (BaltArt-Verlag) is part of BaltArt GmbH Switzerland

BaltArtGmbH Switzerland is not just a company, but also e project. Its aim is to promote the cultural exchange between the Baltic Sea area and the German-speaking countries. The main emphasis lies on the introduction and circularization of the Baltic countries to the German-speaking area. 

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